Summer Tour 2017 Registration Options

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Registration Options



Please read before completing the form.

NOTE: Avoid the Late Fee and Register by May 15th!

  1. Most fields are self-explanatory, complete with the information requested.
  2. REGISTRATION section:  You can only use numbers on the PDF fillable form with calculation.
  3. REGISTRATION section:  Select “Car Show only” if you want to have a car in the Saturday show but will not be attending any other Tour events.
  4. REGISTRATION section:  You can select “First car: $45” or “Car Show only: $20” but do not select both.
  5. REGISTRATION:  (TOTALS column) The PDF fillable-calc form will tally up the totals and add to the “Registration:” field for you.  If you are completing with a pen, add up the Registration section and enter total here.
  6. REGALIA:  Select items by quantity, multiply the quantity by cost for each item, add the total cost of each item and enter in the Regalia (TOTALS) field.
  7. T-SHIRTS & HOODIES:  Select items by quantity, multiply the quantity by cost for each item, add the total cost of each item and enter in the Gear: (TOTALS) field.
  8. Thursday, June 22, 2017:  If you plan to drive from Boise and want to order a picnic lunch, enter the number of people and multiply by $10.  Enter total in the Lunch: (TOTALS) field.
  9. Thursday, June 22, 2017:  Your $45 registration fee gets you into the Tour welcome reception at the Oregon Grain Growers Distillery.  If you choose to pay the $45 fee, enter the number of people to attend.
  10. Friday, June 23, 2017:  Enter number of people you want to sign up for the “Underground Tour” and the “Woolen Mill Tour.”  The Woolen Mill tour is free, but you will need to sign up for time slots when you pick up your registration packet.  Add the number of people you have signed up for the Underground tour and multiply by $15.  That total along with the total for the Pendleton Round-up tour added together will go into the Tour(s): (TOTALS) field.
  11. Saturday, June 24, 2017:  For the Pendleton Round-Up tour, enter the number of people and multiply by $3.  Take the sum for that and add to the sum from the Underground tour.  Enter the sum of that into the Tour(s): (TOTALS) field.
  12. Saturday, June 24, 2017:  Enter the number of people attending the Awards dinner, multiply by $35, and enter the sum into the Dinner (TOTALS) field.
  13. Add up the values from: Registration:, Late Fee:, Regalia:, Gear:, Lunch:, Tour(s):, and Dinner:.  Enter the sum into the Grand Total field.
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