2017 Summer Tour - Pendleton, Oregon ~ June 22-24

IBCC Summer Tour - 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho was the location for 2016 which ran from June 23-26.  Events included a "NO FREEWAY" drive from Nampa to Twin Falls, which included a picnic lunch.  Other activities were a boat ride and a rafting trip on the Snake river.  Finished off with a car show and awards dinner on Saturday, the 25th.

IBCC Summer Tour - 2015

Here are a few selected photos from the Summer Tour - 2015.  The Tour was in Walla Walla, WA and while it was a great Tour, I believe the most memorable event will be the HEAT! 

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Tech Session - Polishing Parts

IBCC Members and guest are shown some good techniques for bringing back to life their old parts.  Mark Greenwalt was our instructor.

California Dreamin' / No Agenda Tour

Last September 2015, Jim Hahn and Rick Mills drove their Triumphs down the Pacific coast to Thousands Oak, California.  This is just a few of the photos taken of the tour.

BFTP: December 2001

These photos were donated from Bob Muenchausen from a tour of the Brown Hole and dining at the Triangle.  How many people do you recognize?  I don't know exactly when these were taken but the were written to the CD Bob gave me on Dec. 12, 2001!

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