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IBCC Summer Tour - 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho was the location for 2016 which ran from June 23-26.  Events included a "NO FREEWAY" drive from Nampa to Twin Falls, which included a picnic lunch.  Other activities were a boat ride and a rafting trip on the Snake river.  Finished off with a car show and awards dinner on Saturday, the 25th.

IBCC Summer Tour - 2015

Here are a few selected photos from the Summer Tour - 2015.  The Tour was in Walla Walla, WA and while it was a great Tour, I believe the most memorable event will be the HEAT! 

FB - IBCC Summer Tour - 2014

IBCC Summer Tour 2014, Hailey Idaho. Photos by Rick Kloss. Linked from the IBCC Facebook photo album.

FB - IBCC Summer Tour - 2012

Idaho British Car Club Summer Tour 2012, McCall ID.  Linked from the IBCC Facebook photo album.

Southwest Idaho All British Field Meet - 2015

Southwest Idaho All British Field Meet Photo Gallery for 2015.  The first SWIABFM show was on August 29, 2015, located on E Idaho St, downtown Meridian, ID.  This started it all.  With more than 50 cars on display, it proved that we can bring in enough cars to have a great show.

Southwest Idaho All British Field Meet - 2016

Southwest Idaho All British Field Meet Photo Gallery for 2016.  Held on September 17-18.  Locations were: Eddie's Diner, Boise; Two Rivers Grill, Crouch, ID; and the Village at Meridian, Meridian ID.

Tech Session - Polishing Parts

IBCC Members and guest are shown some good techniques for bringing back to life their old parts.  Mark Greenwalt was our instructor.

California Dreamin' / No Agenda Tour

Last September 2015, Jim Hahn and Rick Mills drove their Triumphs down the Pacific coast to Thousands Oak, California.  This is just a few of the photos taken of the tour.

FB - IBCC Goes to the Vancouver ABFM

May 2015 five IBCC members drove up to Vancouver, BC for the Western Driver All British Field Meet.  With over 600 cars and motorcycles, some as far away as Australia, we had perfect weather and a great drive up and back.

BFTP: December 2001

These photos were donated from Bob Muenchausen from a tour of the Brown Hole and dining at the Triangle.  How many people do you recognize?  I don't know exactly when these were taken but the were written to the CD Bob gave me on Dec. 12, 2001!

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