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IBCC Web Update

Newsletter Resolution (a fix is in place)

IBCC Web Update: Randy found my error and has corrected it.  The IBCC newsletters from 2005 to present are now available online at:


Thanks, Randy

-Your Humble Webmaster

Bug Report

Dang! We are mildly infested :(

Since moving from the development site into production, the links to the newsletters are not working.  At this time, not sure why but I am working on it.

– Rick

Comments on new website

Still work to be done.

As you browse through the site, you may see some labels that won’t quite fit with the IBCC car club.  These are labels from the WordPress theme that I used to build the IBCC site.  As I find them, I will correct them.  But if you see one that does not make any sense or you see any error (etc), please send in a comment via the comment form shown on the Home page.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Welcome to the new IBCC Website!

A new, fresh approach to better inform.

Welcome to the new site.  We have been preparing this for several weeks and ready to open it up to the IBCC club members and the world.  We hope you find it easy to use and are able to get the information you need with little effort.  The focus of the new site is to let you know what we are doing, and you will find the current calendar of events on the right sidebar on most of the site pages.

While most of the site is complete, we are still under construction.  With that, expect some pages to change and new pages to come online each day.  Also, there may be the occasional “Page not found” error message.  I have added a contact form on the Home page that you can fill out and let me know when you find an error.  You can use it to let me know what you think and [...]

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